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10 Ways to Interview Like a Celebrity

1) Do research on the media outlet interviewing you

Radio, magazines, local television, and national television all have searchable history. Details about most reporters are made public in social media. Read about them so you feel comfortable chatting with them about your business. Building personal connections is important. Don't ever make the interviewer feel inferior to you. Maintain a grateful attitude for the opportunity.

2) Be Prepared

Find out what the interview will be about specifically, and take time to prepare. Ask for a list of interview questions in advance so that you can focus on the questions asked. Thinking about answers or going off topic is unsettling for both you and the interviewer.

3) Remember to be in good spirits, energetic, and smiling

It's easy to focus on worrying about what you look and sound like and before you know it, you've got a stone face and your eyes are glazed over. Instead, be upbeat and inspiring. Your attitude will come across the camera well.

4) Dress for success

Dark, solid and neutral colors are best if you'll be on camera. Busy stripes or dots have a dizzying effect, and white may wash you out. If you will be seen during your interview by the audience, what you wear will be their first impression of you.

5) Avoid jewelry that "clanks"

It's amazing what sounds a mic can pick up, and every little jingle or jangle can distract the audience. Longer earrings can also affect your lapel mic. Keep it simple and tight to the body.

6) Ignore the cameras or recording device

Chat with the interviewer as if you were having a casual, hopefully rehearsed, conversation about your business with someone you met in an elevator. Remember, most of the time you're speaking about your soap and cosmetic passions so it will be easy to come across as warm and sincere.

7) Bring products to display (if you will be on camera)

Many times they will let you display it on a table so that the camera has another area to focus in on while you're speaking. Presenting the host with a small gift is also a welcome gesture. Be sure every product you display looks perfect!

8) Don't depend on the host to give out information on where to buy your products.

Try to work your website, storefront location, or craft show venues into the interview conversation without it sounding like a sales pitch.

9) Realize it is your DUTY to make your products newsworthy!

Just because we put blood, sweat and tears into our handcrafted products doesn't mean everyone will see the glory in them. Find a captivating angle to spin on it and use that to tap into the desires of the public.

10) Follow up.

Within 5 business days after the interview, follow-up and let the host, interviewer or reporter know you appreciated their time in focusing on you and your business or products. If you are easy to work with and courteous, making their experience pleasurable, they will think of you next time they are in a pinch!

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