Insurance Options

Step 4: Where to Buy Insurance

When the HSCG was founded in 1998, one of our first tasks was securing affordable insurance options for the growing handcrafted industry. For more than 20 years, the HSCG has worked closely with Veracity Insurance Solutions to provide customized insurance plans for thousands of our members.

Today, we’re pleased to offer insurance to makers who make handcrafted soap, cosmetics, and candles.

HSCG Member Benefit Insurance

Through a close partnership with Veracity Insurance Solutions, the HSCG is proud to offer affordable insurance options to our members. Designed specifically to meet the needs of handcrafted soap, cosmetic and candle businesses, Veracity delivers outstanding value and customer service to help protect and grow your company.

The HSCG Member Benefit Insurance includes $1 million General & Product Liability coverage standard. If needed, members can extend their coverage up to $2 million.

Insurance benefits start at $265 per year (+ $10 admin fee) for HSCG Members located in the US, in addition to your HSCG Member dues. For our Canadian Members, the cost starts at $400 per year (+ tax), plus membership dues.

At the request of our members, Veracity Insurance Solutions also offers additional personal insurance coverage options, including life, disability, sick-pay, dental and vision plans. HSCG Members enjoy special rates on personal insurance products through our partnership with Veracity Insurance Solutions.

Once you purchase your membership and insurance, you will have access to their insurance portal via Veracity. This allows you to view coverage, add additional insureds, print your policy, and more.

For questions, please contact Veracity Insurance Solutions directly at (844)520-6989.


The HSCG believes strongly that our members should protect themselves and their businesses with proper insurance coverage. While we believe that the HSCG Member Benefit Insurance offers outstanding value, we understand that new companies may have different needs. If you are a small company that does not yet exceed $5,000 in gross sales, RLI Insurance may be the right fit for you.

Note: RLI is not available to handcrafted candle businesses at this time.

We strongly recommend comparing coverage limits, costs and benefits between the plans on our easy-to-use Insurance Chart.

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