Proctor Exam - Overview & Rules

Proctored testing was developed in order to make it possible for HSCG members who cannot travel to the Annual Conference to still become HSCG Certified Soapmakers. By utilizing a proctor to oversee the examination, a member can take a Soapmaker Certification Examination anywhere in the world. Every HSCG member can take advantage of the HSCG Soapmaker Certification Program.

Proctor: A person appointed to keep watch over students at examinations.

Proctor Qualifications

The Proctor is an individual who agrees to receive the exam, administer it in a preapproved Test Location following HSCG guidelines, and return all paperwork to the HSCG. The Proctor must verify that the exam was conducted according to the specific directions of the HSCG.

Examples of individuals who may be acceptable as Proctors are:

    College or university personnel such as deans, department chairs, professors, librarians, or testing center personnel. Public or private school personnel such as superintendents, principals, guidance counselors, or teachers. Other personnel such as civil service examiners, justice of the peace, public librarians, tutoring center personnel.

Unacceptable proctors include, but are not limited to, family members, friends, co-workers, supervisors, employers, or anyone with a potential conflict of interest.


There are many steps to making all the arrangements necessary for a proctored test. The following timeline shows the details of the expected timeline before and after the examination:

  • Member makes arrangements for a Proctor and Test Location
  • Up to 30 days before Exam: Member completes and sends in Proctored Exam Application Form
  • Up to 20 days before Exam: HSCG notifies Member of approval/disapproval
  • Up to 10 days before Exam: Member pays the registration fee and sends in Registration form for the Certification Test
  • Up to 10 days before Exam: Cancellations accepted with refund, minus 25%
  • Up to 7 days before Exam: HSCG mails exam to Proctor
  • Up to 3 days before Exam: Cancellations are accepted with refund, minus 50%
  • Date of Exam: Member takes exam
  • Up to 1 day after Exam: Proctor mails exam to HSCG
  • Up to 7 days after Receipt of Exam: HSCG notifies examinee of results via email
  • Up to 14 days after Receipt of Exam: HSCG mails certificate to examinee


These rules are also available as a .pdf document.

  1. Individual exams are conducted under the auspices of the HSCG. All rules and responsibilities contained in this document must be adhered to in order for the exam to be valid and recognized for HSCG Certification. Failure to comply with the rules will cause the exam results to be invalid.
  2. A HSCG Member requests to hold a Certification Exam by arranging for a Proctor and Test Location. The HSCG must receive the Proctored Exam Application Form from the Member at least 30 days before the proposed exam date. The Request can be submitted by mail/email/fax.
  3. The HSCG may approve or disapprove this request based upon the HSCG's assessment and verification of the Member's membership. The Member and Proctor will be emailed of the HSCG's approval or disapproval at least 20 days before the proposed exam date.
  4. Any fees incurred by using a Proctor or the Testing Location are the responsibility of the Member.
  5. The Member registers for the exam by submitting the Registration form by mail/email/fax. The Member also needs to pay the registration fee. Payment may be made online or by phone. Both Registration and payment must be received by HSCG at least 10 days before the exam date.
  6. The exam and instructions will be mailed to the Proctor 7 days before the exam date. The Proctor will keep these documents in safe keeping appropriate for confidential documents and not allow others to view the documents.
  7. At the approved date, time, and location, the Proctor will administer the exam to the Member according to Exam Instructions for an Individual Exam and Proctor Instructions. The Proctor will assure that the Test Location maintains an environment suitable for conducting the exam. The Proctor is to actively monitor the examinee during the exam.
  8. After completion of the exam, the Proctor will immediately gather and account for all documents. The documents will be immediately placed and sealed in an envelope, which will be mailed to the HSCG within one business day after the exam. This mailing is done at the expense of the Member. The Proctor will not reproduce, copy, or retain documents in any manner.
  9. The HSCG will grade the exam and notify the Member, via email, of their grade within 7 days of receipt of exam. Certificates will be mailed within 14 days of receipt of exam.
  10. Cancellations for examinees received by HSCG up to 10 days before the exam will be refunded their HSCG registration fee minus 25%. Cancellations for examinees received by HSCG up to 3 days before the exam will be refunded their HSCG registration fee minus 50%. Cancellations received by HSCG within 3 days of the exam will not receive a refund of their registration fee.
  11. If the exam cannot be given on the agreed upon date, with the approved Proctor and Test Location, the HSCG is to be immediately notified by the Member in order to reevaluate the situation.

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